Do You Blurb?

My book Visions

My book Visions

Do you Blurb? If you don’t you should.

Blurb! I love Blurb!

Blurb is a company which gives you the ability to make your own bound books at very reasonable prices. How reasonable? How about a 7″x 7″softcover, forty page book for less than thirteen dollars? They give your the software free. You make the book. You can stay real basic and use templates, or you can design each page of your book in PS or other such software and load your pages into the Blurb software. You upload the book, Blurb transfers it to a printer; they print the book and then ship it to you. Blurb isn’t perfect. No one proofs your book. You misspell grandma’s name in the photo caption and it shows up in the book and the old day takes you out of her will. Blurb sometimes has quality issues, but they are generally good about replacing books their printers mangled.

You don’t pay Blurb anything until you order your book. You can keep your book private or list it for sale in Blurb’s bookstore (just don’t expect to sell many copies…)

What Blurb allows you to do at low cost is almost magical. Twenty years ago it would have cost me thousands to self-publish a book like Visions. Now a single 120 page, hardback book with dust jacket cost me $41.95. Elsewhere on this site you may order from Blurb copies of my marvelous, wonderful, amazing books, including Visions!

Read all of VISIONS


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