How to Get Lotsa Flickr Hits!

If you want your photos to garner a lot of hits on Flickr what do you do? You could strive for excellent composition, magnificent tone, a great point of view and shoot in exotic locations. Or, you could shoot one like this!

What’s that? You don’t understand why this artless snapshot has over six thousand hits? Poor composition, bad light, blown highlights, etc, etc, are beside the point. Look at the subject: a pretty young, sexy (if underexposed) girl.

My second most popular image on Flickr has almost seven thousand hits. I was shooting my nephew’s water polo tournament with long glass and noticed these girls lounging near the adjacent pool:

Absolutely no thought went into this “composition” I was acting about thirteen years old and using my long lens to spy on these cute young ladies.

The simple fact is the more hits a photo has on Flickr the more likely it is to have a strong sexual emphasis. I wonder, sometimes, if the Flickr is this generation of young, horny teen boys’ stash of girly magazines (Ahhh. That’s where I learned the facts of life back in ’62 ).

So is that it? Can you get thousands and thousands of hits just by posting a snapshot of your sister nekkid? Or is there another way?

Before you decide, consider my most popular image on Flickr. It has more than eight thousand hits. It is another shot from the water polo tournament. Again, no real thought went into this, just a point and shoot moment:

I have never really promoted this photo. It’s in only four or five groups and those are either water polo or sport groups. It’s popularity is no fluke. Most of the other photos of bare chested young men in tiny tiny suits have received high number of hits, too. The set of those images is the most popular of my hundred plus sets.

Hmmm.. I wonder who has made the above image so popular. Somehow I don’t really believe there are that many horny young girls on Flickr. I suspect Flickr is actually a pretty gay friendly place…

There you have it.  Don’t worry about your skill as a photographer or your creativity. The “high hit” secret is to get as much young, tender, moist, smooth, delicious skin (of girl(s) or boy(s) or both) into you photo as possible. It will work for you every time!

Update – 4/28/12 – my photo of the girls now has over 35,000 hits…!

3 Responses to “How to Get Lotsa Flickr Hits!”

  1. haha, this is depressing. Why can’t photos get hits just because they’re great, and not just great at showing skin? haha

  2. You are right … this is real frustrating for hard working artists.

  3. Can you message me with some hints on how you made your blog site look this awesome, Id appreciate it.

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